Gangnam Intermodal Transit Center

Special Information
  • Client Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • Award International Invited Design Competition win a prize
  • Global Partner DPA

The Lightwalk is the symbol of a renewed Seoul, which aims to become more pedestrian friendly, a landmark for all underground infrastructures worldwide, where users can experience natural light and air, deep into the ground.

The Green Land is a clearing, covering about 30,000 sqm, protected on four sides by a double line of high canopy trees. It creates a foreground allowing a transition between intimate human scale on ground level and the city scale of the surrounding towers as well as an acoustic shieldfrom the hustle and bustle of the street. Everyday users will find pocket parks and a variety of ambiances to enjoy such as kid’s playground, relaxing areas, cafes, kiosks, amenities and services.

The 560m long light beam is the central space of the facility that across the Greenland and guides all of the underground space to the integrated station. The light beam is also an optical installation creating a diffraction of the sunlight and amplifies its effects towards the lower levels. Through light beam, the interior spaces are flooded with natural light creating an interior atmosphere which feels like being outdoor.

All transit related spaces create a hull or shell, that is carefully designed and thought of. Inside this hull, or the hardware volumes as wecall them, we propose to invent a new kind of flexible spaces, where we invite the City and all stakeholders to share a vision and define all kind of activities of 21st century city which should house such as co-working spaces, fabrication lab., art studios, galleries, workshops, and all new technologies facilities.

Project Information
  • Region Seoul, Korea
  • Market Mixed Use
  • Site area 56,000.00㎡
  • Total floor area 167,338.00㎡
  • Total floor basement level 6floor and ground 1floor
  • Design year 2016year
강남권 광역복합환승센터
강남권 광역복합환승센터
강남권 광역복합환승센터
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