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Attempting New Construction Techniques

Junglim's detail craftsmanship starting from the basics - 3

Social Issues of Architecture

Environmentally Friendly Architecture

Environmentally friendly architecture can be considered the product of a process to make artificial structures conform to and coexist with nature. The global environmental change which has been accelerating over time, the problems of useful energy sources being depleted, and the human needs of leading a healthy life, these all made the issue of environmentally friendly architecture more important. Based on the sympathy with this social issue, we need to embody environmentally friendly architecture with optimal elemental technologies that satisfies the functions of contemporary architecture.

Double Skin Facade

The double-skin facade system is a double glass wall system with a cavity put between the indoor and the outdoor to enable efficient performances of heating and ventilation.

1. Natural Ventilation
The internal skin inside the external surface makes it possible to open the window inside even under various weather conditions outside like rain and wind.

2. Better Sound Insulation
Compared to general single-story windows, the double skin facade enables greater effects of sound insulation against external noises.

3. Heating Energy Reduction
Using the air in between the double skin facade can improve the effects of heat insulation.

4. Cooling Energy Reduction
Natural ventilation can save the cooling loads in the summer by night cooling, with the cool air during the night time.

5. Solar Energy Utilization
Electromotive blinds installed within the double skin facade can block the direct daylight while introducing as much daylight as possible with adjustment of angles.


Vertical Louver System

An environmentally friendly product operated by low energy, producing amenity space and lowering heating/cooling loads.


1. Air Barrier System
The heated indoor air is discharged by the blinds inside the air-conditioner.

2. SRI System
Both sides of blinds are colored to utilize surface reflection in maximizing the effects of saving heating/cooling energies.

3. Three-dimensional Free-form Building
Existing two-dimensional designs have been limited in embodying complex figures of free-form buildings, but the new programs that enable three-dimensional modeling made it possible to embody free forms as desired. Building Information Modeling (BIM) enables detailed three-dimensional modeling of free-form buildings based on construction information, with which one can figure out the interferences and problems between trades like architectural exterior, structure, MEP, lighting, and civil works.




Technology Example








Excerpts from "Begin with the basis, JUNGLIM details of professionalism" (2013)

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